(01/2021) TeTeOS.Net Update for 2021

Improvements in design!

Instead of leaving the background completely pure, we added a wallpaper that will make the site more pleasant. This wallpaper, supports dark and light color modes. Another small innovation was that we renewed the favicon and added the support of more devices to the favicon.

(Favicon fix)

When we used TeTeOS.Net on the computer, another small problem appeared. The problem was that when we minimized the window or on a slightly lower resolution computer the menu just disappeared.

Here it was before it was fixed;

It was fixed like this;

Old Browsers now Shows Help Message!

Check out this article to see what's news about the old web browsers.

Now TeTeOS.Net, is supports multicolors!

TeTeOS.Net will change color on special days (such as New Year's Day, Valentine's Day), and the color you prefer will be displayed on other days. Yeah! TeTeOS.Net will now work in the color you want! Here is a sample of all colors of the menu that will change according to colors;

For changing colors;
         1. Go to the Color and Dark Mode page in the Browser Preferences category on the Options page.
         2. Select the color you want from the colors shown in Color Preference.

TeTeOS.Net now using btuBlog!

btuBlog was developed by Hasan Merkit (founder of TeTeOS.Net), and Barış Baydur (founder of SiberGazi.com) and is still under construction. The main purpose of this software is to make the website higher quality, safer and more developable. btuBlog will continue to be developed over time.

The btuBlog software is currently only used on the TeTeOS.Net website.

Bug Fixes!

We fixed some bugs and known issues. In addition, we have included the menu bar so that you can switch to other pages faster on the pages you encounter with the 404 page. Another small update added on the 404 page is that when you give us feedback, the link address of the page where you receive the error will be automatically added in your message.

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