(01/2021) Update for Old Browser Detection


We learned that some users were unable to open the site or view it properly upon feedback. We realized that there are problems such as loading the design incorrectly on the TeTeOS.Net website, and staying on the loading screen.

For example, in the photo below, the Internet Explorer 11 browser is stuck on the "Loading" screen.

This is because older browsers (including Internet Explorer 11) are not very prone to HTML5 and do not fully support jQuery. That's why the Vikinger design used on our website does not work or load properly in older browsers.

So What Did We Do For This?

We added a browser check feature to detect old browsers. When you first log in to our website, our website first responds without an SSL certificate. This is because older browsers can fail with the SSL certificate and cannot view the site at all. If the user uses a new browser enough to open TeTeOS.Net, the SSL certificate is automatically activated immediately. If the user is using an old browser, SSL will not be activated and an auxiliary page will appear warning that they need to update the browser.

For example, in the photo below, you can see the message in the very old version of the Opera browser.

So, with which browsers TeTeOS.Net can be used?

         1. Google Chrome or based browsers : Version 59 or higher

         2. Microsoft Edge (Chromium) : All Versions

         3. Mozilla Firefox : Version 52 or higher

         4. Opera : Version 59 or higher
When you try to login with Internet Explorer on Windows 10, we automatically direct you to the Microsoft Edge browser that supports our site and comes with Windows 10:

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