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What are cookies, what do they do?

Cookies are small text files that websites place on your device during internet use. In this way, websites can remember information about your visit and provide you with a better experience. For example, information such as the display language you use, the color you prefer and the dark mode are stored through cookies. Cookies do not damage your device or browser and take up almost no space.

Why do our services use cookies?

TeTeOS.Net, like most websites, uses cookies to provide you with a better, faster and safer experience. Some of the usage purposes of these cookies are as follows;

         1. Session Cookies: These are cookies that enable you to take advantage of various features such as transferring information between pages and remembering the information and preferences entered by the user. These cookies are necessary for situations such as verifying the information of the TeTeOS ID account you have logged in, and the proper processing of our websites and pages.

         2. Ads, Statistics and Third Party Cookies: Cookies are used to make the ad content more relevant to your topics. It also allows for ad tracking, such as measuring the number of times you see the ad, recommending more relevant and similar products based on the products you browse.

         3. Performance Cookies:These are cookies that collect information such as time spent on a page, error or warning messages to improve performance and are used to improve the performance of the website.

Can TeTeOS.Net be used without cookies?

In order to use TeTeOS.Net with temporary cookies, you can use features such as a private browsing window available in your browser. For example, Private Window in Google Chrome browser and InPrivate browsing in Microsoft Edge are examples of these features.

How can I manage cookies?

To manage cookies, click Options Page, then change the settings in the Browser Preferences category.

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