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We Care About Your Privacy and Security.

TeTeOS.Net uses it collected from you to give you better experience. Of course, cookies also play a big role in this regard. (See also: Cookie Usage Policy)

What data of yours is stored?

Users with TeTeOS ID account:
         1. Otherwise, it is prohibited to create a TeTeOS ID account or to use TeTeOS.Net websites, products / services. If detected, TeTeOS ID account is closed and access to our websites and products / services may be cut off.
         2. Your comments, blog posts, forum activities
         3. Your IP addresses, browser language and basic analysis information. Visitor users: IP address, browser language and basic analysis information.

We do not store the password of your TeTeOS ID account!

The password argorithm of TeTeOS ID encrypts it when you create a password for your account with a randomly generated word and number and saves it in encrypted form in the database. Thus, our systems do not know your password. If you type the correct password in the password section while logging in, our system encrypts the password in the same way, and if this password is exactly the same as the password in the database, it will log in by realizing that you typed the correct password.

We do not share your data!

Regarding the protection of stored data, the rights of your personal information security are considered as priority. For this reason, none of your data mentioned in this article is shared with third parties, individuals, companies or institutions. However, the requested information may be shared with the Official Institutions in case the user needs to provide information due to the request and legal obligation of the relevant official authorities. This happens only in extraordinary situations such as being in or supporting a terrorist organization or having an unforgivable crime like cyber crime.

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