♥ Changelog for TeTeOS.Net ♥


         Optimization and bug fixes!
         New Feature:"Updated Date" on Blog and Help articles
         New Feature:TeTeOS ID: Registration page!
         Fix:Blog and Help Center fonts fixed!
         Fix:Fixed design errors related to low resolution!
         Fix:Page design bug fixed in mobile devices!
         Fix:Fixed the issue where some older scanners could not be detected!
         Icons have been added to some sections.


         Optimization and bug fixes!
         Better color support!
                  - Blog headers now follow the theme color.
                  - The loading screen has been refreshed and now supports multiple colors.
         New Feature: Help Center!
         New Feature: Articles are now categorized!
         Update: ua-parser-js (0.7.23 -> 0.7.24)
         Update: fontawesome (5.15.1 -> 5.15.2


You can check out the changes made in this update from this article.

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